King's Camo August Giveaway Winners!

Posted by Kings on 9/2/2016 to Giveaway
Our August giveaway contest is complete! Over the month of August, we received over 13,000 entries. Thank you to everyone who entered and helped share our giveaway. With the help of Hoyt BowsVortex OpticsCamp Chef, and Oakley, we’ve assembled this amazing giveaway totaling $3,000 in prizes. Below are the 5 lucky winners. Stay tuned - our next contest begins in a few short weeks.
King's Camo Giveaway

Here are the winners from our August giveaway:

Hoyt Defiant Compound Bow
Winner: Kendall Fisher - Appleton, WI

Vortex Ranger 1000 Rangefinder
Winner: Rena Parsons - Laramie, WY

Camp Chef Stryker Isobutane MS100 Stove
Winner: Juan Mancha - Prescott Valley, AZ

Winner: George Pappas - Salt Lake City, UT

9-Piece King’s Camo XKG System
Winner: Daniel Burkhardt - Bethesda, MD

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