Havalon Knives are the sharpest, lightest and most convenient knife you will ever own. Never lose your edge with simple replacement blades. Blades are sharp and light which makes them perfect for skinning and caping your animal. Never need to bring extra sharpening tools. When the blade gets dull, simply remove it and insert a new, sharp blade.

We have the popular Piranta Series knives along with the Baracuta fillet knife for sale. Buy these now along with a handy knife holster and replacement blades. The reviews are in....they just work. Never be caught without your Havalon!


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King's Camo RUKO Folding Knife
Havalon Piranta Edge Knives with Blades
$44.99 $39.99
Havalon Skinning Knives
Havalon Piranta Edge Knives with Blades
Baracuta Knife Holster
Piranta Knife Replacement Blades - 12 Pack
Baracuta Knife Replacement Blades - 5 Pack

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