Father and Son Find Their Trophy Elk

Posted by Kings on 10/7/2016 to Success Stories
King's Camo Cole Buser

Father and Son Find Their Trophy Elk

After three years of coming up short on my archery elk hunts, I finally punched my tag. It was one of my biggest dreams to get an elk with my bow. When I got the news that I drew a trophy archery elk tag on the Navajo Reservation, I immediately started to shoot my bow. A week prior to my hunt I went out scouting with a close family friend. We found this giant bull and that’s when I decided to pursue this amazing animal. I was very eager to start my hunt and chase this bull...

Trophy Bull Elk's Last Fight

Posted by Kings on 9/26/2016 to Success Stories
Phil Ipson Bull Elk

Trophy Bull Elk's Last Fight

This year, I had the opportunity to bow hunt elk in Colorado on a unit I have been waiting years to hunt. I spent several days scouting and put a lot of time and effort into finding accessible public land to hunt. I hunted hard for 14 days, passed on around 15 bulls, and finally tagged out on a dream bull. I hunted every day by myself, except opening day when my 8-year-old son came with me. The day I got my bull...

Successful First Time Archery Elk Hunt in King's Camo XKG

Posted by Kings on 9/22/2016 to Success Stories

Quinn Bratt Kings CamoDevote shed collector Quinn Bratt bags beautiful bull on first archery elk hunt

At the beginning of his successful day, Quinn started his hike to scout for elk heading down a steep canyon where he knew there was great potential for bulls going to water. As he approached the bottom of the canyon where he intended to hunt, he set down a elk shed he found on the hike. Then, he decided to radio his fiancé who was glassing on the ridge line with their little girls. He informed her that he was going to sit at a wallow he'd come across. When he got off the radio, he looked up and saw a bull at the edge of the timber line; almost to the wallow he was about to sit at. He was very surprised...

Quest For A Trophy Velvet Mule Deer Buck

Posted by Kings on 9/5/2016 to Success Stories

Bryan Larsen King's Camo

Quest For A Trophy Velvet Mule Deer Buck

by Bryan Larsen

My 2016 hunting season started with planting bitterbrush seed and clearing juniper trees to complete my volunteer hours for Utah’s dedicated hunter program. I was in my final year for the unit before I needed to reapply. In 2014, I harvested my biggest mule deer to date and was determined to dedicate the next two years to harvesting my biggest velvet buck...

40-Inch Wide Monster Mule Deer: Nevada Archery Hunt

Posted by Andrew Pooch on 6/3/2016 to Success Stories

Logan Zeiszler Mule Deer

40-inch Wide Monster Mule Deer: Nevada Archery Hunt

Three Years of Patience for the Mule Deer of a Lifetime By: Logan Zeiszler A sharp whistle broke my concentration. Hours of carefully sneaking into the perfect and only position, I placed myself sixty yards from the ultimate challenge. Three years in the making and he lived up to his potential. It was time to seal […]

You Have to See It to Believe It!

Posted by Cory Lundberg on 5/19/2016 to Tips

Coyote huntingYou Have Got to See It to Believe It!

Trying new things when hunting coyotes By Cory Lundberg We had been driving for what seemed like an eternity down two-track after two-track, the sage flats seemed to go on forever. We knew there were coyotes out there and plenty of them. None of us wanted to be driving when we could be hunting, but […]

The Phantom Bull Makes a Mistake

Posted by Layne Larsen on 5/5/2016 to Success Stories

Layne Larsen ElkThe Phantom Bull Makes a Mistake

Bowhunting for Trophy Elk in Utah by Layne Larsen I have found that if I really want to do something in life I can, not because I’m great but because I want it and have the desire and work ethic to accomplish it. I wanted a successful Wasatch Archery Elk hunt so bad that I […]

The Steepest Climb: Hunting Ibex in New Mexico with a Bow

Posted by Jeremy Eastman on 2/22/2016 to Success Stories

Jeremy Eastman IbexThe Steepest Climb: Hunting Ibex in New Mexico with a Bow

The Steepest Climb: Bowhunting Free Ranging Ibex in New Mexico by Jeremy Eastman It all began in April 2015, when I got an email from the New Mexico Game and Fish saying I was successful in drawing a coveted Persian ibex tag for the Florida mountains near Deming, NM. known by many as “The Rock”.

Sportsman's Tag Mule Deer Hunt 2014: 240" Giant Buck

Posted by Andrew Pooch on 11/18/2015 to Success Stories

Kolten Probert Mule DeerSportsman's Tag Mule Deer Hunt 2014: 240" Giant Buck

Kolten Probert · 16 years old · 2014 Utah Sportsman’s Deer Tag Patience Persistence Perseverance This unbelievable experience all started in the fall of 2013 while I was browsing YouTube videos for big game hunts. I came across a few hunts for the Utah Sportsman’s Tag. I said to my dad, “Take a look at these bucks […]

Utah Sportsman's Tag Mule Deer: 239-Inch Monster Buck

Posted by Zach Mikesell on 10/30/2015 to Success Stories

Zach Mikesell Mule DeerUtah Sportsman's Tag Mule Deer: 239 Monster Buck

The Buck Worth Every Bump and Bruise Utah Sportsman’s Tag Mule Deer 2013 by Zach Mikesell “You’re full of it. I can’t believe my own son is trying to blow smoke up my skirt. Prove it. Send me a pic of your email.” This is how the journey of the 2013 Sportsman Mule Deer tag […]

Antelope Island Mule Deer 2013: 247 Giant Buck

Posted by Dave King on 6/17/2014 to Success Stories
Denny Austad Mule Deer Buck

Antelope Island Mule Deer 2013: 247 Giant Buck

Antelope Island Mule Deer 2013: 247 Giant Buck taken by Denny Austad In early 2013 Denny Austad stunned the hunting community when he bid a staggering $310,000 for the Antelope Island Mule Deer permit at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo.  The winning bid was a new record for a price paid for a mule […]

Utah Monster 420 3/4 P&Y Archery Elk: Alonzo Ashworth Bull

Posted by Dave King on 2/11/2014 to Success Stories
Alonzo Ashworth Elk

Utah Monster 420 3/4 P&Y Archery Elk: Alonzo Ashworth Bull

One of the biggest archery elk of 2013 It was September 11, 2013 and the alarm went off at 4:30 am. Three days left until hunt the was over. It was raining hard and once again Alonzo Ashworth felt it would end up as another waisted morning. The weather had been difficult and the rain […]

Casey Brooks Giant Archery Elk 447 Gross Bull 2013

Posted by Dave King on 9/17/2013 to Success Stories

Casey Brooks ElkGiant Archery Elk 447 Gross Bull 2013: Casey Brooks

Casey Brooks has done it again.  Another giant archery elk taken in 2013 Casey is no stranger to monster bulls and each year he pursues the biggest and the best.  Hunting the San Carlos Apache Reservation in September of 2013, Casey found himself in a cat and mouse game to a giant elk.  Successful again, […]

Women's Record Mountain Goat

Posted by Scott Rackman on 10/30/2012 to Tips

Women's Record Mountain GoatWomen's Record Mountain Goat

As we neared the crest of the ridge, our lungs were burning and our hearts were pounding, not only from the quick, steep 2 hour climb, but also with anticipation that we would catch a glimpse of the big billy that we had spotted from below through our spotting scopes. […]

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