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Posted by Kings on 9/26/2016 to Success Stories
Phil Ipson Bull ElkThis year, I had the opportunity to bow hunt elk in Colorado on a unit I have been waiting years to hunt. I spent several days scouting and put a lot of time and effort into finding accessible public land to hunt. I hunted hard for 14 days, passed on around 15 bulls, and finally tagged out on a dream bull.

I hunted every day by myself, except opening day when my 8-year-old son came with me. The day I got my bull, I decided to focus on an area that traditionally held a lot of elk. I heard bugles first thing in the morning, but the wind was not in my favor, so I had to make a big circle and come in downwind. I got in on the elk and found three bulls and a bunch of cows. Two of the bulls were fighting and the smallest of the three bulls stole the cows while the two big ones were going at it.

"The memories I made will last a lifetime."

I slowly made my way toward where the fighting was. The bulls quit fighting and went looking for the cows. I made my way to the top of the ridge when a bull bugled just over the top. He came over the top and started walking right towards me. I could tell he was big enough for what I was after, but couldn't tell just how big. He started rubbing a quakie - I ranged him and he was 35 yards.

I had about a two-foot window that I could see his vitals, so I took a deep breath, drew my bow, and shot. I could tell I hit him, but thought it was a little high. I gave him over an hour before looking for blood. 100 yards later there he was! I couldn't believe how big he was. He has a 14-inch extra point on one side. He ended up gross scoring 370 inches. I couldn't be happier with this bull - especially taken with my bow. The memories I made will last a lifetime.

I wore the King's Hunter Series pants and shirt, as well as the safari shirt in Desert Shadow every day of my hunt. The pants are the best pair of pants for the money that I have found (under $50). They are durable and dry quickly. I hunted in many different settings and feel that the Desert Shadow camo worked well in all these environments. I hunted quakies, pines, pinon/juniper, oak brush, and sage brush, and it worked well in all of them. Thanks King's for producing a great product.

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