Sportsman's Tag Mule Deer Hunt 2014: 240" Giant Buck

Posted by Andrew Pooch on 11/18/2015 to Success Stories

Kolten Probert Mule DeerSportsman's Tag Mule Deer Hunt 2014: 240" Giant Buck

Kolten Probert · 16 years old · 2014 Utah Sportsman’s Deer Tag Patience Persistence Perseverance This unbelievable experience all started in the fall of 2013 while I was browsing YouTube videos for big game hunts. I came across a few hunts for the Utah Sportsman’s Tag. I said to my dad, “Take a look at these bucks […]

Timing the Mule Deer Rut

Posted by Michael Burrell on 11/15/2015 to Tips
mule deer rutTiming the Mule Deer Rut

A distinctive grunt from below brought me back to the reality of my first desert mule deer archery hunt. In no time my eyes were glued to my binoculars searching the landscape for whatever it was that could possibly make such a groan. A large heavy-antlered muley with up-turned Roman nose and swollen neck filled my glasses. Suddenly, the cactus spines in my pants and the soaring temperature didn’t matter as I gripped my bow and felt the symptoms of big-buck fever coming on...

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