You Have to See It to Believe It!

Posted by Cory Lundberg on 5/19/2016 to Tips

Coyote huntingYou Have Got to See It to Believe It!

Trying new things when hunting coyotes By Cory Lundberg We had been driving for what seemed like an eternity down two-track after two-track, the sage flats seemed to go on forever. We knew there were coyotes out there and plenty of them. None of us wanted to be driving when we could be hunting, but […]

The Phantom Bull Makes a Mistake

Posted by Layne Larsen on 5/5/2016 to Success Stories

Layne Larsen ElkThe Phantom Bull Makes a Mistake

Bowhunting for Trophy Elk in Utah by Layne Larsen I have found that if I really want to do something in life I can, not because I’m great but because I want it and have the desire and work ethic to accomplish it. I wanted a successful Wasatch Archery Elk hunt so bad that I […]

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