Mule Deer's Plight and Peril: A True Story

Posted by Terry Messmer on 6/7/2016 to Tips

mule deer populationMule Deer’s Plight and Peril: A True Story

Mule deer arguably can be considered the “true deer of west.” As goes the west, so does this majestic icon. Probably no single animals fate, aside from may be that of the sage grouse, is more closely tied to the history and development of the west. Relatively little is known about how […]

40-Inch Wide Monster Mule Deer: Nevada Archery Hunt

Posted by Andrew Pooch on 6/3/2016 to Success Stories

Logan Zeiszler Mule Deer

40-inch Wide Monster Mule Deer: Nevada Archery Hunt

Three Years of Patience for the Mule Deer of a Lifetime By: Logan Zeiszler A sharp whistle broke my concentration. Hours of carefully sneaking into the perfect and only position, I placed myself sixty yards from the ultimate challenge. Three years in the making and he lived up to his potential. It was time to seal […]

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