How to Hunt Mule Deer – Hunting in a New Area

Posted by Dennis Wintch on 7/14/2016 to Tips

mule deer tipsHow to Hunt Mule Deer – Hunting in a New Area

Here are some of the most helpful tips a mule deer hunter needs to know

For most hunters to stay in the spotlight of success they must constantly move to new places to hunt.

Winning is not everything, but losing has no reward. Being successful on every hunt is not necessary for that hunt to be a good one. However, a hunter who’s paid big money to go hunting, scheduled time off work, and is anticipating that hunt of a lifetime, would be happier with success than the alternative.

Hunting Bulls During the Post Rut

Posted by Steve Chappell on 7/13/2016 to Tips

hunting bulls post rutElk Hunting Tactics: Hunting Bulls During the Post Rut

It should be no surprise that for me there is nothing that compares to hunting elk during the rut. The forest mystically comes alive with the piercing, three dimensional sounds of bugling bulls. The crisp autumn air is filled with the sweet aroma of pine, juniper and spruce as well as the musky odor of rutting elk. I guess you’re addicted when you love the smell of elk urine!

Shed Hunting Tips: Quick List for Success

Posted by Andrew Pooch on 7/13/2016 to Tips

shed huntingKing's Camo shares their quick and easy tips to help you find more sheds this spring. 

Most of the time you will find both sheds within about 300 yards. I have found that the bigger the bucks shed, the more often you will find the other side close. Most bucks shed both antlers the same day. I have watched bucks drop one side, and glassed him seven day’s later still packing the second shed. If the bucks don’t get chased or spooked, the second shed will not be far. It also depends upon bucks feeding and water patterns. The farther that bucks travel to and from feed and water, the farther apart the sheds can be.

Got Testosterone? An Overview of Cactus Bucks

Posted by Michael Burrell on 7/1/2016 to Tips
cactus buck

Got Testosterone? An Overview of Cactus Bucks

What is a “cactus” buck?  Every year, we see pictures of deer that have bizarre, velvet-covered antlers that have a mass of knobby points and abnormally heavy bases. These are the type of deer usually known as cactus bucks. There has been a great deal of research done on what causes a deer to grow such an uncontrollable glob of velvet and I believe you’ll find the results interesting.

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