Trophy Bull Elk's Last Fight

Posted by Kings on 9/26/2016 to Success Stories
Phil Ipson Bull Elk

Trophy Bull Elk's Last Fight

This year, I had the opportunity to bow hunt elk in Colorado on a unit I have been waiting years to hunt. I spent several days scouting and put a lot of time and effort into finding accessible public land to hunt. I hunted hard for 14 days, passed on around 15 bulls, and finally tagged out on a dream bull. I hunted every day by myself, except opening day when my 8-year-old son came with me. The day I got my bull...

Successful First Time Archery Elk Hunt in King's Camo XKG

Posted by Kings on 9/22/2016 to Success Stories

Quinn Bratt Kings CamoDevote shed collector Quinn Bratt bags beautiful bull on first archery elk hunt

At the beginning of his successful day, Quinn started his hike to scout for elk heading down a steep canyon where he knew there was great potential for bulls going to water. As he approached the bottom of the canyon where he intended to hunt, he set down a elk shed he found on the hike. Then, he decided to radio his fiancé who was glassing on the ridge line with their little girls. He informed her that he was going to sit at a wallow he'd come across. When he got off the radio, he looked up and saw a bull at the edge of the timber line; almost to the wallow he was about to sit at. He was very surprised...

King's Camo $3,000 September Hunting Gear Giveaway

Posted by Kings on 9/9/2016 to Giveaway

King's Camo September GiveawayKing's Camo $3,000 September Hunting Gear Giveaway

With the help of Vortex Optics, Camp Chef, and Oakley, we’ve assembled a $3,000 giveaway for the month of September. 4 prizes and 4 winners. It’s easy to enter – just visit our Giveaways page, enter your email and you’re set. The more you share the contest via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, the better you’re chance to win! Contest ends September 30, 2016.

Quest For A Trophy Velvet Mule Deer Buck

Posted by Kings on 9/5/2016 to Success Stories

Bryan Larsen King's Camo

Quest For A Trophy Velvet Mule Deer Buck

by Bryan Larsen

My 2016 hunting season started with planting bitterbrush seed and clearing juniper trees to complete my volunteer hours for Utah’s dedicated hunter program. I was in my final year for the unit before I needed to reapply. In 2014, I harvested my biggest mule deer to date and was determined to dedicate the next two years to harvesting my biggest velvet buck...

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