Last year, Garrett Carr and Micah Fey of Hidden Instinct set out with a goal of 100 coyotes in 30 days. Hunting western states, living out of their truck, and crashing couches, they set stands in 5 states including Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado, and documented each day of their tour. 

This year, they're goal again is 100 coyotes in 30, but this time, they're bringing along some new faces for the adventure. They will also be adding in gear and technique tips to help any coyote hunters learn from the pros. Follow along on their tour below where we will be posting each video as it airs. 

Every video has the hunts of the day as well as a daily tip for every hunter to better their coyote game. Buy any Hidden Instinct gear and they give 10% back to Take 'Em Hunting Outdoors. Scroll the videos below to see how they did on their coyote tour.


Day 1: "Dusting off the Cobwebs"

Day 2: "First Person Shooter"

Day 3: "Lucky Dog, Lucky Hunter"

Day 4: "Travel Day"

Day 5: "We Broke The Curse!"

Day 6: "The Struggle Continues"

Day 7: "Not Enough Fuel In The Tank"

Day 8: "Biggest Badger Ever"

Day 9: "Quick Morning Double"

Day 10: "Multiple Multiples"

Day 11: "Cluster F@&$"

Day 12: "Cluster F@$&er"

Day 13: "Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty"

Day 14: "The New Guys Get Better!"

Day 15: "Tall Grass And A Lot Of Brass"

Day 16: "Getting Lucky And Swagger Bipod Review"

Day 17: "The Coyotes Are Taunting Us"

Day 18: "The New Guys Kick Our Butts!"

Day 19: "Ahhh, We Suck Again"

Day 20: "We Finally Don't Suck... Well Not Bad Anyway"

Day 20: "When A Good Spot Goes Bad"

Day 21: "When A Good Spot Goes Bad"

Day 22: "Good Morning!"

Day 23: "Lucky To Be Alive, Bad News And Big News"

Day 24: "Quick Desert Trip"

Day 25: "Merry Christmas Compilation"

Day 26: "The Basics: Where and When To Hunt Coyotes and Hiding The Truck"

Day 27: "Choosing Where To Set Up"

Day 28: "Sounds, Call Placement & Tim's Shotgun!"

Day 29: "Getting It Done"

Day 30: "The Bobcat Whisperer Strikes Again!"

Day 31: "Forgotten Footage"

Day 32: "The Fox & The Coyote"

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