Justin Finch's "Utah Archery Hunt: 'The Treble' Part 1"

Justin Finch's
Justin Finch's "Utah Archery Hunt: 'The Treble' Part 1" is the first part in a three part series called "My Treble" that documents Justin Finch's three successful hunts in three different states with three different weapons. It's 100% real, DIY, public land, and self-filmed. We're proud to have Justin as a key ambassador for King's Camo!
From Justin:
My 2016 season was a dream that I'm hoping I'll never wake up from. It started as I began scouting in May for my general season Utah archery hunt in August. Although this year, I'd be learning a new unit that I didn't normally hunt. Regardless, my goal was to find and harvest a mature buck that I would be happy with, all while trying to capture my adventure on film.
Between working full time, going to school, and getting ready for baby #2, I spent over 3 months trying to explore new country with any free time I had. Which usually meant waking up at 2am and hitting the trail at 3am. Once it got light I'd glass for about an hour, then literally run back down to my truck and be to work before 10am. As far as the filming goes, I'd get my camera set up and rolling before light, and usually just leave it there while I glassed the basins for deer. I would then pick my camera up as I started my way back down the mountain. By doing this, I was able to scout all of the areas I wanted to in the unit. I also found a few bucks that I'd be more than happy to fling an arrow at in August.
When the hunt came, I had gathered enough film throughout the 20 or so days I was able to make it out scouting, that I knew I wanted to continue to film my solo hunt and try to get the whole experience. I've been self filming my hunts for years, but I'll be the first to tell you that I'm a hunter first, and a cameraman second. So if I feel a camera will hinder my chances at closing the distance, then so be it, I'll leave the camera behind and do my best to harvest the buck. In this video however, that was not the case. After a nearly 4 hour stalk, I was able to sneak within 42 yards of 3 bedded bucks, all while capturing it on 3 different cameras. Although one of my cameras that I left back at my shoes batteries died just moments before the shot. As I waited for over an hour for my buck to move beds at 42 yards, I felt the wind swirl, and the buck immediately looked back towards my direction. I knew it was then or never. And I am so grateful I have this video to look back on and re-live that moment over and over again. The fact that others can also watch and enjoy my adventures is so humbling, that I can't help but feel blessed for the opportunities that I have been given.
Subscribe to Justin Finch's channel on YouTube and follow him on Instagram. Look for Part 2 "Colorado Muzzleloader Hunt," and Part 3 "Idaho Rifle Hunt" coming in the next couple weeks!

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