Sahn Outdoors Podcast with King's Camo

Sahn Outdoors Podcast with King's Camo


On this episode of The Sahn Outdoors Podcast, Andrew Pooch and Justin Finch of King’s Camo, joined the Sahn Outdoors crew of Ian, McCade, and Zach at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo in Salt Lake City to share some big news coming to King's this spring.

In this episode, we discuss:

Etymology and pronunciation of Pooch; Performance, Pattern, and Price; XKG, Hunter, Classic series’; “prerequisites” for hunting; 1A and 1B camo patterns; Justin’s “where’s Waldo” photo (episode photo); using a bow for 10 years; the history of Andrew; crying over bird dogs; the craziness of duck hunting; why Justin Finch is a mule deer guy;  The Treble pt1; new King’s Camo gear rundown; layering and being intimidated to wear a heavier pant; puttin’ in requests; high performance women’s camo; Justin Finch’s layering system; Zach’s Henry’s buck… again; a pink bow and the Sportsman’s Tag; more requests from Sahn; King’s improvement from feedback; THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT; new YouTube product videos; modeling job opportunity; plugs; old-time hunters; the open sights dream; Zach’s draw confidence and the common denominator.  

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