Successful First Time Archery Elk Hunt in King's Camo XKG

Successful First Time Archery Elk Hunt in King's Camo XKG

Devote shed collector Quinn Bratt bags' beautiful bull on first archery elk hunt

At the beginning of his successful day, Quinn started his hike to scout for elk heading down a steep canyon where he knew there was great potential for bulls going to water.

As he approached the bottom of the canyon where he intended to hunt, he set down a elk shed he found on the hike. Then, he decided to radio his fiancé who was glassing on the ridge line with their little girls. He informed her that he was going to sit at a wallow he'd come across. When he got off the radio, he looked up and saw a bull at the edge of the timber line; almost to the wallow he was about to sit at. He was very surprised!

The bull looked the opposite way just long enough for Quinn to knock an arrow and get a range. Once the bull was broadside, he let the arrow fly at 74 yards. After the shot made contact, the bull whirled into the pines, where Quinn quickly lost sight of him. He hiked to where the bull was shot and found about 6 inches of broken arrow covered in blood, but no more then 5 feet of a blood trail.

He slow stalked in the direction he ran off and found him 150 yards from where he shot him. "I was really impressed with the King's Camo I used for maneuverability, weight, the quietness of the fabric, and its adaptability to the environment I was in. The bull was confused about where and what I was long enough for me to get off a great shot," said Quinn.

Quinn's King's Camo Gear of Choice:
XKG Merino Foundation 1/4 Zip in Desert Shadow
XKG Ridge Pant in Desert Shadow

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