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September Archery Elk Gear List

September Archery Elk Gear List from That's Bowhunting

Hunting elk with a bow in September is one of our favorite styles of hunting. There is nothing quite like the excitement of climbing to a ridge, waiting for first light with the anticipation of hearing that first bugle. We've been fortunate to have many mornings just like that and have spent many days in the elk woods over the years learning by trial and error. Through those experiences, we've developed our do's and don'ts of elk hunting, and also the importance of good gear - specifically what to wear and when to wear it. Elk hunting is hard. It can become mentally and physically taxing. Good functional equipment can be the difference between success and failure because the better the gear, the more comfortable you can be which helps you stay in the elk woods longer.

September is our favorite time of year not just because its hunting season but because it’s the beginning of fall, but the weather begins to change and the leaves on the trees begin to turn. Crisp mornings with frost can be met with hot afternoons. With fall, comes the swings of hot and cold, rain or shine, sometimes even snow. So when we're hunting, we like to always be prepared for every weather change fall can bring. In this gear list we go over our favorite things to have with us, either in our packs or on our backs that help us be successful. Elk hunting typically has cold mornings with a big pulls up the mountain so layering is super important. Let's take a look at our favorite layering system. 

That's Bowhunting King's Camo Gear List

XKG Foundation 260 Merino 1/4 Zip 

Our go-to base layer top. It is great at wicking the sweat and reduces odors. We've gone 4-5 days without a wash and it still performs great. The touch of merino on your skin is extremely comfortable even when wet. 

 XKG Covert Hoodie 

This piece might be our favorite top layer. The XKG Covert Hoodie is durable, quiet, and warm. Typically in most afternoons this hoodie keeps us comfortable while chasing elk and we do not need a coat. We also love the hood and the mask combination this piece provides. 

XKG Down Transition Jacket 

The XKG Down Transition Jacket keeps us warm no matter the circumstances. Cold mornings we start with this on and will take it off as body temperature rises.  No matter the time of year I always have this in my pack its worth its weight in gold.  

XKG Preacher Pant 2.0 

The XKG Preacher Pant is our preferred pant for any hunt, but it's the perfect elk hunting pant. It can keep you warm in cold temps, but also works in hot temps with a zipper ventilation on each leg to allow air flow. The knee pads are extremely convenient and it’s a super tough pant that does not easily tear. JC, with our crew, is going on 3 seasons in this pant and they are still going strong!  


XKG Sonora Pant 

This is a great lightweight pant but does not give up the integrity of of being a tough durable pant. When there are above average temperatures in early September, this pant will keep you comfortable.

XKG Leg Gaiter 

We love the XKG Leg Gaiters - not only is it good for keeping you dry on those wet dew mornings, but with a good boot and good gaiter you can plan on having dry feet and legs in most conditions. 

 XKG Lightweight Gloves 

These are so light that we typically wear them all day. They help keep your hands warm while holding that cold bow in the mornings, but also doesn’t get too hot when the sun comes out. 


XKG Windstorm Rain Jacket & Pant 

We never leave home without the XKG Windstorm Rain Gear, nothing can ruin a hunt faster then getting wet and cold and this rain gear will keep you dry. On really cold days we put this on as our outer layer to help trap heat in as well. 

Do you have a favorite King's piece for Elk season? Let us know in the comments?

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