Top Ten Selling Products this Hunting Season

Top Ten Selling Products this Hunting Season

We have assembled the top selling items this hunting season on

#1 Classic Camo Bundle

There is no better way to get started in a great camo setup for an incredible price with our Classic Bundles in Desert Shadow, Mountain Shadow and Woodland Shadow - Shop Now

#2 XKG Hightop Hoodie

You won't find a better offer than this for such a high-performance piece. Hurry, at this price they are about gone. Poly Stretch Fleece only $40 in Mountain Shadow. - Shop Now

#3 Guides Choice Rain Bundle

If you are looking for a rugged set of rainwear that will get you through the bush, then this bundle from Guide Choice in Desert Shadow is just what you are looking for. - Shop Now

#4 Hunter Series Pant

Our Hunter Pant continues to perform with all of the basic features of a great polyester hunting cargo pant for a great price. - Shop Now

#5 XKG Ridge Pant

This pant stands alone as a high-performance lightweight hunting pant for the price. All the features you would expect and comfort you have to experience for yourself. - Shop Now

#6 Hooded Soft Shell Jacket

A good all-around hunting jacket that will keep you warm and dry. Also available in a Soft Shell Bundle with matching Bibs for a great all-around package. - Shop Now

#7 Ladies Vest Bundle

What a great way to get the women set up in one simple but effective bundle. Includes the Hunter Pant, Hunter Shirt and Loft Vest.- Shop Now

#8 Storm Fleece Bundle

When you need the comfort and quiet performance of fleece, combined with great weather protection, this Guides Choice Bundle flat out delivers. Save 60% Now. - Shop Now

#9 XKG Windstorm Rain Bundle

Save on this Jacket and Pant bundle featuring 100% waterproof, lightweight, four-way stretch, packable rainwear from our XKG Series Layering System - Shop Now

#10 Hunter Series Long Sleeve tee

Our Hunter Series Shirts just flat out get it done. Made from a birdseye 100% poly material, they are also available in a Short Sleeve - Shop Now

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