Utah Monster 420 3/4 P&Y Archery Elk: Alonzo Ashworth Bull

Utah Monster 420 3/4 P&Y Archery Elk: Alonzo Ashworth Bull
Alonzo Ashworth Elk

One of the biggest archery elk of 2013

It was September 11, 2013 and the alarm went off at 4:30 am. Three days left until hunt the was over. It was raining hard and once again Alonzo Ashworth felt it would end up as another waisted morning. The weather had been difficult and the rain was miserable. However, Alonzo was determined to head back to the same meadow as the night before and try and find the same two bulls he had been unable to get a shot off. Putting on his rain gear he headed up on his ATV and made it to the same spot. Not only was it still raining but the fog had set in heavy, making it very difficult to see at any distance

Things changed quickly for the better when an elk bugle broke through the sound of the rain. Removing the rain gear, Alonzo heading straight for the bull. Maneuvering through the trees and cautiously making his way around alert cows, he finally caught a glimpse of the bull. Not having a chance to pull up his binoculars he did not realize he was chasing a monster, but knew he was a good mature bull. Eventually the bull gave Alonzo a 60 yard shot that he made true. The big brute would not go down easy and one more follow up arrow put the monarch down for good.

Alonzo had heard rumors of a big bull in the area that a few outfitters were hunting. Who would have thought that it came down to an average guy, doing it himself on public land in the middle of a rain storm to be the one to arrow one of the most impressive elk of 2013. After the official drying period, the bull scored 420 6/8 gross and 398 3/8 net non-typical P&Y. Hard work and determination paid off. Not to mentioned a supportive wife and birth of his new baby opening weekend of the hunt. This truly was an experience of a lifetime.


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