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Bone Bracket

$19.99 USD
The newly redesigned Bone Bracket now offers a stronger arm and plate for those smaller skull capped trophies such as deer and antelope species worldwide. This newly redesigned Bone Bracket offers still offers rotational adjustments up or down and angle adjustments left or right—achieving the optimum display of your trophy. Color: Black
Tip: Dress up your cut skulls with the optional Skull Cap cover.
The Bone Bracket can be assembled and hung in just a few minutes. Simply mount the wall plaque to the a wall stud with the supplied screws, attach the skull plate adjuster to the arm, locate and drill two holes in the skull cap, and install two screws to attach the skull cap to the skull plate adjuster. Then just insert the tapered arm pegs into the wall plaque canisters, and make any final adjustments to the trophy positioning for the perfect display.