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Justin Finch

Justin was born and raised in central Utah. He grew up hunting most of the western states with his father, who really instilled in him the hard work, and dedication it takes to be successful. Ever since he was young, he’s had the desire to go in deeper and higher to escape hunting pressure, and find mature bucks. Even before he could drive, his mother would drop him off at a trailhead, and he would call her to come pick him up a few days later after his hunting or scouting trip. His love for the high country still runs deep in his blood today. The majority of his hunting is done with archery equipment, but whether he has a bow, muzzleloader, or rifle in hand, you can be sure to find him in a high country basin nearly everyday during the summer and fall.  

Capturing the whole hunting experience on camera is something Justin loves to do as well. By putting his memories into video, his wife, kids, and others, are able to get a glimpse of the passion he has for the outdoors. Check out his latest video: “Utah Archery Hunt: ‘The Treble’ Part 1.” While his favorite animal to hunt is Mule Deer, he'll take any tag or excuse to get in the outdoors. Justin chooses King’s Camo because he trusts, and knows that it works to his high demands. Whether he's going on a quick run up and down the mountain before work, or a week long high country adventure, he knows that King’s Camo's light, comfortable, and weatherproof gear will keep him concealed and confident when it matters most.

Between work, family, and school, he is consistently taking mature animals every year, and does so by trying to live out his favorite quote which reads, “Success is when preparation meets opportunity.” If he needs to be hiking all night, just to hunt that first hour of light before literally running down the mountain to make it to work on time, then so be it. Justin does whatever it takes to make it happen. He is an obsessed, DIY backcountry hunter.