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Maranda Ratcliff

Maranda was born and raised in south-central Montana where her family loaded up the truck each weekend to head for the mountains. From hiking deep into the backcountry to hunt or fish, Maranda learned at a young age to appreciate journeys off the beaten path. Maranda’s father Bryan played an especially important role in developing Maranda into the confident and competent outdoors-woman she is today. Because he believed she could, Maranda carried a 40-pound backpack through the mountains on a multi-day pack trip at age 11. She placed a perfect shot on her first mule deer buck at age 12. She hiked in 12 miles through rugged terrain to shoot and pack out her very first bull elk at age 16. At age 18, she put herself and her dad on a couple of respectable mountain whitetail bucks. By age 20, she self-guided her first successful antelope hunt with her dad there to photograph and film the whole thing. By age 21, she was setting out on solo backcountry hunting and fishing trips if there was nobody else to join her. And by age 22, she accomplished her first successful solo hunt during the spring turkey season.

An immense passion for the backcountry led Maranda to pursue a career in the outdoors industry. She is an outdoor writer and shares her adventures through storytelling on her blog, Backcountry Blessed. She is also the founder and owner of Rocky Mountain Women Outdoors, where she organizes and leads outdoor adventures for women in the Rocky Mountain region. Although she enjoys her solo outdoor adventures, she finds a deep purpose by giving back and educating other women about the outdoors lifestyle. Her motto is, “the things we work hardest to obtain are the things we remember the most.”

Through experience, Maranda has come to learn that being safe in the backcountry requires being prepared, and being prepared means having the right gear. Maranda trusts King’s Camo to equip her with a women’s line of lightweight, comfortable, and weatherproof layers that withstand the conditions of any hunt she puts them through.