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Marcus Strange

Marcus is a bowhunter who found his passion for hunting at age 27. He was born in Pennsylvania and grew up close to DC, Philly, and Baltimore. Growing up in suburban communities, He discovered hunting when he moved to Montana after college. His first hunting season came during a challenging period in my life. Being in the mountains, exploring wild spaces, and experiencing wildlife encounters for the first time gave him a purpose and energized his soul.

He loves bowhunting and any day he can step into the wild with his bow is a great day. He’s living the dream by living in and hunting elk in Montana. For his nine to five job, he works for the Montana Wildlife Federation, a wildlife conservation organization focused on protecting habitat, wildlife, and public access for the people of Montana. He’s blessed to help others access the outdoors and enjoy the things that have changed his life. A few years ago, he started documenting his journey at and on social media @urbantocountry.

“King’s Camo has been with me from the beginning of my journey. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am meticulous with my gear. I want to use the best gear so I can focus on the experience and not stress about being limited by my gear. King’s provides me with a high-quality product and pattern, at an affordable price, meaning I can focus on spending more of my resources on tags and experiences.”