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PSC Outdoors

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Hidden Instinct

Kinion Bankston (Southern Boyz)

Garrett Johnson (Brush Wold Hunter)

Joel Burham (Whitetail Fit)

Adam Eakle

Brandon Walker

Lydia Smith

PSC Outdoors

When creating PSC Outdoors, we reflected back on our upbringing. We were raised with important values; to be representatives of hard working, ethical, conservation based sportsman’s, who do everything together as family. That’s the content we hope to provide to those who watch and support us.Together we have been highly involved with conservation projects and committee members of specific Conservation Groups to do our part in maintaining healthy habitats and wildlife herds.

We’ve always been extremists with our hunting tactics and pushing the limits. Fortunately for us Kings Camo XKG line up of gear is able to withstand the beating we put it through. Weather it’s in the mountains or deserts of Utah’s public lands, Northwest Territories or British Columbia chasing Caribou or Moose. It has the durability, performance and price point that makes it our go to company for the conditions we hunt in.  

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