Shed Hunting Kits

Ambassador built kits for shed season
Sheldon Howe's Shed Kit

"I use these key pieces on a daily basis in the hills during the spring. Quality gear is a must when you spend as much time as I do shed hunting."

Follow @sheldon_howe to see his antler piles he scoops every spring.

XKG Covert Hoodie

Versatile hoodie with small pockets for accessories. I typically wear this piece all the time. Breathes well and dries quickly.

XKG Freyr Pant

New pant from King's - 4 way stretch fabric and a great weight. Perfect for putting on a ton of miles.

XKG Leg Gaiters

You'll typically encounter a lot of mud and/or snow in the spring. These are guaranteed to keep you clean and dry.

XKG Transition Flex Jacket

Mid-weight loft insulation. Carry this in your pack for a quick layer when glassing.

XKG Elevation Hoodie

Full coverage during sunny, hot days at high elevation.

XKG Lightweight Gloves

Light layer of protection on your hands.

Jared Knighton's Shed Kit

"Before you head out shed hunting, make sure you have your clothing dialed. The clothes that we wear can help us stay out in the elements longer, which in turn can lead to more sheds found. Here are some clothing recommendations for your shed kit."

Follow @jared_knighton to learn tips and tactics to finding more bone on the mountain.

XKG Elevation Hoodie

I always wear a lightweight hoodie to keep the sun off my skin. 

XKG Freyr Pant

Awesome new XKG lightweight pant that allows for maximum mobility and keeps you
cool when covering a lot of miles. 

XKG Transition Flex Jacket

Some days are colder than others in the spring. A warming layer is absolutely essential to take shed hunting. I prefer a lightweight, insulated jacket that can stuff into my backpack. 

XKG Leg Gaiter

My most crucial shed hunting piece. Sometimes you have to post hole through deep snow to get over to the next south slope. The gaiters will keep your legs and feet dry. They also prevent ticks from crawling up the inside of your pant

XKG Mid-Weight Gloves

These gloves are essential for keeping your hands warm on cold days., while still being able to use your optics.

XKG Paramount Rain Jacket

It will keep you dry on wet days and block the wind when glassing from those breezy ridge tops. I always have a rain jacket in my pack.