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King's Camo is proud to have a loyal community of hunting enthusiasts who field test our products in every condition and every terrain. Their valuable feedback helps us build and improve our products so they'll perform at the highest level on your next hunt.Here's what some of our experts had to say about their King's Camo experience.

Josh Harris, Worldwide Trophy Adventures

"Enjoying the Mountains to the fullest extent requires knowing how to dress and doing so with the right gear. That is why I trust the King's XKG Seriesthat allows me to perform to the best of my ability. It's about getting close, performance, and being concealed. You will have no regrets!"

Jenn Rose, AZ Extreme Hunting

"King's Camo has been my choice of camo for years. Whether I am hunting mule deer in the desert, antelope in the sagebrush or elk in the mountains, it has truly been the secret of my success."

Matt Bateman, Grim Reaper Broadheads

"For the past eight years King's Mountain and Desert Shadow patterns have been my go to camo on all my hunts. Hunters can argue patterns all day, but countless close encounters and successful hunts are all the proof I need."

Kelly Cox, iVideo Wildlife

"King's XKG Layering System from the hot days of August to the cold days of winter has the conditions covered. High quality layering performance products that are extremely comfortable and priced right."

Ashley Kurtenbach

"Women’s camo is definitely a growing market, but I was so happy to find clothes that actually fit and perform. The Desert Shadow is a great pattern, I feel it sets them apart from other companies, its distinctive look and light in color keeps you well blended to your surroundings, and it has worked for me in all hunting scenarios from the prairie to the mountains or sitting in a tree stand."

Garrett Carr, Hidden Instinct

"I have been wearing King's Desert Shadow Camo for 15 years and couldn't be happier with the company or the products. I have tried other camo brands off and on over the years, but I just wasn't happy with them. They only blended in on certain types of terrain and country. I always came back to King's. The XKG Series of camo is my new favorite without a doubt. It fits well, isn't bulky, and has stood up to all the tests I have put it through. Great product and company."

Dean Trumbley, Bushnell's Trigger Effect

"Kings Camo's diverse shadow pattern systems always provides us with the perfect match to help us blend in with any terrain. No matter where we are filming in the world, King’s Camo always has us covered."

Phil Ipson

“King’s Hunter Series is the best value on the market. They are durable and dry quickly. I used the pants and shirt on my last elk hunt and hunted quakies, pines, pinyon/juniper, oak brush, and sage brush. The Desert Shadow worked extremely well in every environment. King’s makes a great product!”

Patrick Bishop

“During the last decade King’s has refined their great patterns and advanced the quality and selection of their clothing line. In the beginning I used their cotton poly materials and they worked fine. But, last year I went to Alaska for caribou, and needed some higher-performing gear. I debated which camo to buy for the trip. Because of my trust in the camo patterns, I decided to try the new XKG Series from King’s. I was was amazing. It is a fraction of the cost of other brands, and preforms extremely well. Let your camo work for you. Quit hiding behind bushes and trees and branches. Trust your camo. I trust King’s.”