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2019 King's Mule Deer Calendar TWIN Pack

$24.99 USD $29.98 USD
Calendar 1
Calendar 2

An Impressive Assembly of Huge Mule Deer
Two World Records with Giant Typical and Non-typical Bucks
Updated Layout for Optimal Calendar Use
Exclusive Background Photo and Info on Each Buck Featured

  • All new layout and design
  • Includes updated Game/Fish Activity Forecast
  • Dimension: 14x11 closed, 14x22 open
  • 12-month calendar
  • Quality paper with matte finish on inside for writing
  • Custom re-creations of record class mule deer
  • Includes background information about each animal featured

New for 2019

There is something special about a trophy mule deer. One of the most difficult trophies to obtain is a mule deer equal to the giants we have re-created and brought back to life in the 2019 King's Calendar. Not only have we assembled an incredible lineup of monster bucks, but have also provided a layout and design that is functional and appealing hanging on the wall. Included are some of the biggest and most impressive mule deer from as early as last hunting season to some of the great legendary bucks from seasons past for you to enjoy each month throughout the whole year.


Game/Fish Activity Forecast

When time is limited, or you just want to increase your odds as best as possible to find and see more game and fish, we have included our Activity Forecast. This gives you the days for highest activity for the month that is scientifically proven that both game and fish are affected by moon patterns. Look for the moon and star icons included on each month for peak activity days.