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Phone Skope Adapters

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  • 2 x 1.90 Vortex Viper
$29.99 USD $32.99 USD
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Find the adapter you need to fit your spotting scope and phone plate.
Built out of very strong ABS plastic, this will handle a great amount of abuse and still protect your phone. We have put them to the test, rain or shine they will impress you with crystal HD video!

We have specific adapters for popular spotting scopes in Swarovski and Vortex. If you brand is not listed, there is the Universal Adapter that will self adjust to most eyepieces.

The Universal Adapter
This kit will include everything you will need to begin digiscoping - phone skope style! The patent pending, C-4 Optic Universal Adapter was created to make using the Phone Skope even more simple! The features of the C-4 include a ratchet-like, spring loaded, detent (catch/locking) mechanism that uses small plastic "fingers" that twist in and twist out creating a solid mount to most optics. The connector fits optics from 1.70" in diameter to 2.335" in diameter.

Mini Universal Adapter
Same features as the regular Universal Adapter, but fit smaller eyepieces. The connector fits optics from 1.2" in diameter to 1.8" in diameter.
Available Adapters:
Swarovski Spotting Scope NON HD C-3 Adapter
1.90" Vortex Viper C-3 Adapter
Swarovski ATX & STX Modular C-3 Adapter
Vortex Razor HD C-3 Adapter
Vortex Diamondback 80 C-3 Adapter
Swaro ATM, STM, ATS, STS HD ONLY C-3 Adapter
C-4 Mini Universal Adapter

Available Pattern:
Black only
*Phone and spotting scope not included