Casey Brooks Giant Archery Elk 447 Gross Bull 2013

Casey Brooks Giant Archery Elk 447 Gross Bull 2013
Casey Brooks has done it again. Another giant archery elk taken in 2013
Casey is no stranger to monster bulls and each year he pursues the biggest and the best. Hunting the San Carlos Apache Reservation in September of 2013, Casey found himself in a cat and mouse game to a giant elk. Successful again, this monarch 10x10 piont bull has been rough green scored at 447 3/8 gross P&Y. Showing incredible tine length with over 65-inches of mass, this bull has it all.

Coming off of his most successful year in elk hunting in 2012 and something like 60 elk taken with his bow to his name, it would be a tall order to do it all again in 2013. Casey did just that as he followed up his amazing 2012 archery bull that went 446 4/8 gross, 436 1/8 net P&Y (current #2 archery bull in the world) with this 447 3/8 gross bull from 2013. Unbelievable. We will wait until the official score comes in, but Casey very well could take the no. 2 spot away from the Pope & Young records...from himself.

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