Our Story

King's was first established back in 1995 with a graphic design foundation and created a quality publishing company with cataloging, magazine and the award winning King’s Calendars. In the year 2000 there was a great buzz about new camouflage patterns coming into the industry and the improvement in technology for camouflage patterns. King's set the stage to release their revolutionary King's Shadow Camo Patterns and in 2002 King’s Desert Shadow Camo launched after two years of development and testing. Built upon the notion of lighter terrain, coloration and depth yet to be seen in the industry, Desert Shadow instantly grabbed the attention of hunters and the need for a lighter terrain pattern.

Following the success of King's Desert Shadow, in 2004 both Mountain Shadow and Snow Shadow camo patterns were launched. Once again, these patterns were created from brush, coloration, depth and detail that was not found in the industry and expanded the terrain specific camouflage power of King's Camo. These patterns have established themselves as some of the most unique and effective camouflage patterns on the market and cover a broad segment of terrain throughout the world. Whether you are in the low or high country, early or late season, King’s Camo has you covered.

Now encompassing a whole family of camouflage patterns, including a popular Pink Shadow, and a King’s Brand that has continued to gain recognition and respect in the industry, King’s Camo has refocused on manufacturing quality products that equal the patterns they carry. The steady interest in the patterns has also increased the official licensee partners that use King’s Camo on their own products.

Spring of 2013 brought more changes and improvements as King’s moved and expanded to a new office/warehouse location that would allow them to consolidate office, warehouse and shipping all under one roof in Lindon, Utah. This would help magnify the whole customer service experience and continue the goal of putting King’s customers first - the best customers and dealers in the world.

In 2018, we partnered with Realtree to license Realtree Edge. This move strengthened our growing presence in the whitetail world and introduced the concept and technology behind hunting with high-performing fabrics and layering.

In 2021, King's debuted it's first proprietary pattern with an abstract design called XK7. Inspired by the natural colors and terrains of North America hunting environments, we strategically designed a selection of 7 different shapes and textures that are abstract depictions of realistic elements - keeping you hidden, no matter the distance.