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  • Building the XKG Summit 2P Tent

    Jun 29 2020

      After years of testing tents and modifying prototypes, we launched our first lightweight backpacking tent for the XKG Series this spri...

  • 10 Trail Camera Tips for Success

    May 18 2020

    With only a few months away from open day and animals beginning to grow their antlers, it’s time to start thinking about setting trail ca...

  • Iowa Deer Classic Recap

    Mar 12 2020

    We spent last weekend in the heart of Midwest whitetail country at the Iowa Deer Classic where we showcased our new whitetail pieces for ...

  • Iowa Deer Classic

    Feb 27 2020

    Next week, we are headed to Des Moines, IA for the 2020 Iowa Deer Classic. This great event is three days of whitetail madness! Attendee...

  • Whitetail Fit's Rutcation

    Feb 26 2020

    16 Days of Whitetail Rut Joel Burham of Whitetail Fit set out on a 16-day vacation during the heart of the whitetail rut. Huntin...