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  • King's Vlog #9: Women's Gear

    Sep 11 2018

    King's Vlog #9: Women's Gear - In our latest vlog, our ambassador Jessica Hortman, shares her favorite gear and how it helps her in the f...

  • King's Vlog #8: Rain Gear Guide

    Sep 01 2018

    King's Vlog #8: King's Rain Gear Guide - Andrew Pooch, Direct Sales Manager shares our rain gear offering for adults and kids. Our rain g...

  • King's Vlog #6: Mountain Top 2200 Pack

    Jul 30 2018

    King's Vlog #6: Mountain Top 2200 Pack - This pack was built to be a highly versatile hunting daypack that will fit your essential gear. ...

  • King's Vlog #5: XKG Preacher Pant

    Jul 16 2018

    King's Vlog #5: XKG Preacher Pant - Modeled for the active hunter, these pants include hip vents to regulate body temperature, six easily...

  • King's Vlog #3: Sleeping Bags

    Jul 06 2018

    King's Vlog #3: Sleeping Bags - King's offers 4 styles of sleeping bags for men, women, and kids. Affordably made and designed with with ...