In camouflage patterns, stylish solids, or in blaze orange, a vest adds warmth and weather protection when you want to retain full range of motion. Add a blaze orange, solid, or camo vest to your hunting gear layering system for quick insulation and weather protection in the field.


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    Hunting Vests with Odor Control Tech

    Kings’ XKG Series vests are treated with Polygiene Odor Control Technology. This powerful tech keeps bacteria from growing and odors from alerting prey to your presence, even if you’re in the field for multiple days.

    Hunting Gear You Can Count On

    Your gear doesn’t stop at jackets or pants. Don’t cut your hunting trip short because you’re unprepared. Make sure you also have gloves, camping gear, and other hunting accessories

    At Kings, we believe hunting is for everyone. Shop our collections for women and kids to get the whole family involved.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Jackets

    A blaze orange vest may be required in the state you hunt in — check your state’s regulation book. The intent is to help alert other hunters to your presence and reduce the likelihood of other hunters mistaking you for game.

    To deer and elk, orange is indistinguishable from brown or gray. Other hunters will see you in blaze orange, but deer and elk won’t.

    Vests are good for hunting because they add warmth without inhibiting your arm movements. Whether you’re hunting with a firearm or a bow, you want to keep your arm movement quiet and unrestricted to line up your shot.

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