Andrew Pooch's Kits

Andrew always has a September archery elk tag in his pocket. The foundation of his system is built for that hunt and can be used in every hunt the rest of the year. His mid-late season kit has his favorite items for long days glassing and hiking in cold weather.

What Determines Andrew's Kit

September Elk

This is Andrew's favorite hunt of the year. Whether he's truck camping or backpacking, his September Elk Kit is the foundation for his season all season long. He prefers the XKG Foundation 150 Merino for a base layer top because of the breathability, natural odor control, and cooling qualities. The XKG Draft Pant is his go-to pant because of the weight, 4-way stretch fabric, Polygiene, side zip vents to dump heat, and, because he's a shorter guy (5’8”) he loves the short inseam option. Everything else in this kit is for lightweight concealment and he throws in the XKG Covert Hoodie for added warmth on cooler mornings. 

Mid-Late Season 

Everything is this kit supplements his September kit - more layers for colder and harsher weather. He likes to hunt mule deer and elk mid to late season and he typically puts on a lot of hiking miles and a lot of hours glassing. That’s why he packs the stretch fabric XKG Windstorm Rain Jacket and Pant to block wind and precipitation, while comfortably hiking to the next glassing spot. The XKG Down Transition set weighing in at only 1.5 pounds is always in his pack for that added insulation layer under his rain gear.