Gregg Ritz's Kits

Gregg Ritz, Host of Hunt Masters, shares his pre-built kits of his favorite Kings gear for each phase of the hunting season.

What Determines the Right Kit?

Type of hunt

Gregg's kits are built for his hunting lifestyle - early season is focused on western style hunts while mid to late season he is heavily focused on whitetail.


Gregg's kits are divided by the phase of the hunting season - early, mid, and late season kits.

Body Type

Gregg's primary kits are built from the XKG Series, which features uncompromised quality and performance, best-in-class fabrics, and five-layer technology with an athletic fit and wide spectrum of sizing.

How To Use Kits

Scroll down to find the ideal kit for your time of year - early, mid or late season. Already own a product in the kit? No worry, just swap it for an alternate by clicking "other options" or remove it all together. Choose pattern and size and when you're ready to buy, add to cart. Save 10% when you buy in a prebuilt kit.