Women's Camo

Women's Camo


    Women’s Hunting Clothes

    No matter what your preferred hunt is, Kings has the gear you need to perform your best. Check out our collection of high-quality hunting camo for women, designed for you and your needs.

    Comfortable Women’s Hunting Clothes Designed for Performance

    At Kings, we’re proud to offer a collection of camo designed for comfort and performance. Our jackets, shirts, pants, and more allow you full freedom of movement, making hunting, hiking, climbing, and everything else easy and natural. With the quality of our materials and special cut of our camo pants for women, you’ll be ready to crouch in the woods or spend all day in a tree stand with the protection, concealment, and comfort you demand. And yes — they come with pockets.

    Designs for the Whole Family

    From camping accessories to hunting clothes, Kings has the gear you need for your next hunting trip. We also have styles for men and kids so the whole family can get involved in the fun.

    Be prepared for hunting season. Shop our collection of camo for women in unique camo patterns for a variety of hunting seasons and terrains.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Women’s Camo

    What are the best hunting clothes for women?

    The best hunting clothes will vary depending on when, where, and what you’re hunting. Overall, you want clothing that can handle the elements, layer properly with your other clothing, and perform at its full potential for the time of year you use it. If you're starting from ground zero, we recommend the Women's XKG Ridge Pant as the building block for your entire hunting kit.

    Can you wear jeans while hunting?

    Jeans are not recommended for hunting. They are not ideal for long days hiking and are uncomfortable if you get caught in the rain. Also, blue is a poor color for concealment. You want to blend in, not stand out. Choose camo pants instead.

    Is there a difference in men’s and women’s hunting clothes?

    Women who hunt have the same clothing needs as men. We build our women's collection with the same patterns, fabrics, and styles. The only difference is the fit.