Whether you’re in the desert during the early season chasing mule deer when temps approach 100 degrees or freezing late season hunts in the tree stand, Kings offers hunting pants and bibs in a variety of colors and camo patterns to fit your environment.


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    Camo Pants Designed for Hunting

    From XKG pants that combine camo patterns with odor control technology to weatherproof and ultra-quiet Hunter Wind-Defender Pro Fleece Bib, hunting pants from Kings are made of high-performing, durable materials that are designed to handle the rugged conditions of your preferred hunting grounds.

    Hunting Gear That is Ready for Anything

    At Kings, we know it’s not enough to have one set of camo. Even if you only hunt deer once a year, weather conditions and foliage patterns change frequently. 

    That’s why we stock everything from windproof jackets to snow-specific camo patterns. We make sure you have the right hunting gear for your next trip.


    A big debate in the hunting world, but there is a science behind wearing camo and breaking up the human outline to help you go undetected. If you're looking for camo, see all Kings camo options. But, if you are a fan of the same high-performing gear but prefer solids, this is where to start.

    Kings hunting bibs are designed to provide two key benefits. The first is an oversized fit to allow for additional layers underneath and extra room to trap warm air to keep you comfortable.

    The second is increased coverage and weather protection, especially the lower back, kidney area that can be exposed to cold and wind when sitting down.

    Some bibs give you better protection for cold weather with insulating qualities, while others are intended to be ultra quiet and windproof. Shop all our bibs here.

    No, we added solid color options to our most popular pants, which are comfortable, stylish, ready for everyday wear. Throw on one of our lightweight XKG Sonora Pants for a casual outfit for running errands, doing housework, or kicking it back with a beer.

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