Hunting Backpacks

When you go hunting, you need to take more than your weapon with you. Ammo, layers, gloves, optics — the longer you’ll be gone, the more you need. Make your life easier with a camo backpack for carrying and storing your gear.

Hunting Backpacks

Hunting Backpacks (13)


    Choosing a Hunting Backpack

    Kings’ backpacks are available in a variety of sizes and patterns. We use lightweight, durable fabrics like ripstop fabric that can handle frequent trips to the woods, and the overall bag design remains simple and subtle to compliment the camouflage. We have backpacks with waist belts for comfort while carrying heavy loads as well as hydration bladders for longer days in the field.

    Something for Everyone

    From avid hunters to the ones who go once a year, we have the hunting gear you need. Explore a variety of camo patterns and performance materials designed to beat the elements.

    But Kings is committed to helping you with more than just your hunt. We design camo pants, shirts, jackets, and more for the whole family so that you can bring your family into the wild with you. Make this an adventure you’ll never forget.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Backpacks

    A smaller backpack (under 3000 cubic inches) is suitable for a day trip. The longer you plan to stay in field or time of year will dictate the size of the backpack you'll need. If you’re backpack camping or planning to pack out a load of meat, bring a bag that has plenty of storage and/or has a frame strong enough for the weight.

    Place your backpack flat on the ground facing up. You’ll want to pack the bottom of the pack with midweight items like clothes or sleeping bag. The middle back (the section closest to your back) should have the heaviest items like a spotting scope and hydration bladder. The top and front of the pack is where everything light should live - light & small items that you need easy access to. Packing in this manner will provide an optimal center of gravity and more comfortable backpacking.

    Yes, as hunters we need to be prepared for a variety of situations. Weather, injury, standard all day pursuits and a successful hunt require a lot of gear to be carried without a pack. Bringing the essentials to properly take care of yourself for a long day or a down animal is extremely important for going out into the field.

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