Desert Shadow®

Our best-selling realistic camo pattern, Kings’ Desert Shadow® Camouflage features a total transition from light to dark, using a natural color palette to blend in. Realistic detail in color and shadows provide ultimate depth and clarity, effectively concealing you in the open and arid surroundings of desert environments.

Desert Shadow®

Desert Shadow® (50)


    Desert Camo for Committed and Casual Hunters

    Whether you’re hunting once a year or you live to hunt, Desert Shadow® blends you into the terrain and gives you the edge. Available in XKG,Hunter, andClassic lineproducts for men,women, andkids, if you’re on the hunt in open and arid surroundings, you need desert camo.

    Kings Proprietary Patterns

    Kings is the only place to get any one of our nine proprietary camo patterns— including XK7 and our desert camouflage pattern, Desert Shadow®. We develop original patterns because we know one look doesn’t suit all. Kings is right for where, when, and how you hunt.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Desert Shadow® Camo

    Desert Shadow® was designed for hunting in places like Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and Texas. This desert camo pattern blends you into arid landscapes and the vegetation that grows there, with sandy brown and sage colors.

    Yes. Because of its overall light tone and leaf and stick resemblance to other vegetation, our Desert Shadow® pattern works in a variety of landscapes outside of desert climates.

    To blend into desert landscapes, wear camo in shades of sand, sage, white, and dark green.

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