Realtree EDGE Camo

Whether you’re up in a tree stand or you’re spot-and-stalking, concealment is key. Realtree EDGE options combine affordable apparel with realistic camo for the whitetail hunter.

Realtree EDGE Camo

Realtree EDGE Camo (46)


    Camo That Works

    Realtree EDGE (Effectively Dominating Geographical Environments) visually disrupts the human form so you can blend into the background. This pattern has an array of highly realistic crisscrossing branches, limbs, leaves, and tree trunks. 

    Realtree EDGE camo pattern is available in XKG Series, Hunter Series, and Classic Series products for men, women, and kids

    By Hunters, For Hunters

    At Kings, we know what hunters need — because it’s what we need, too. We know first-hand that your needs change depending on the season and what you’re hunting. That’s why we have nine camo patterns you won’t find anywhere else.

    Gear for your family? No problem. A big and tall fit that is actually comfortable? We’ve got you covered. Shop at Kings for all your camo needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Realtree EDGE Camo

    The Realtree EDGE camo pattern improves concealment, even at a close range. Blend in with the hardwoods terrain that whitetails live in. Approaching bucks will struggle detecting your presence as you blend into the surronunding trees. It’s a great pattern for bowhunting and firearm hunting whitetails.

    Compared to us, deer are partially colorblind. Blue is the easiest for them to see, so leave your jeans at home. Wear Realtree EDGE camo that uses natural forest colors, and you’ll be increasing your odds of success.

    Turkeys have good vision and sneaking up on them is extremely difficult. Hunting them requires a good camo pattern that helps you blend in on the ground. The Realtree EDGE camo pattern conceals you while you find a place to wait, make your calls, and try to pull that big tom in.

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