Big and Tall Hunting Clothes

We know quality big and tall camo can be hard to find. At Kings, our big and tall hunting gear collection provides you the same comfortable fit no matter how big of a person you are. Find everything from shirts and hoodies to pants and bibs.

Big and Tall Hunting Clothes

Big and Tall Hunting Clothes (30)


    Hunting Clothes for Big and Tall Men

    You can be big, you can be tall, or you can be both. At Kings, we just want you to be comfortable while you enjoy the great outdoors. 

    Most of our big and tall hunting clothes are available up to 4XL, with pants fitting up to a 44” waist.

    Camo for the Whole Family

    At Kings Camo, we offer a variety of big and tall camo patterns for everything from low arid deserts to forests and snow. 

    As hunters ourselves, we know hunting brings families together. Check out our styles for women and kids, and bring them along on your next trip to the woods.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Big and Tall Hunting Clothes

    Do your pants fit at the waist but there’s a gap between the hems and your shoes? That’s tall. Do you need a little extra room in your shirts to feel comfortable? That’s big. If both of those descriptions fit you, then you’re big and tall. 

    We offer generous sizing ranging up to 4XL.

    The “T” stands for “tall.” For example, pants from Kings in size 40 have a 32-inch inseam, but a 40T has a 35-inch inseam.*

    *Be sure to check the size chart on each item to confirm the measurements.

    We strive to provide the same quality across all sizes. Our big and tall hunting gear from our XKG, Hunter, and Classic lines are made with the same materials you would find in smaller sizes.

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