Hunting is Conservation
As hunters and outdoors-people, we’re stepping up as long-term stewards of animals and habitat. We want sustainable populations of game animals. We want the lands we walk to stay wild and free. We want that for us, and for our kids, and for their kids.
That makes
conservation our calling.

Why Conservation?

At Kings, each of us has their own a-ha moment story, about when we first accepted our responsibility for conservation. Managing Partner Ryan Foutz’s came 25 years ago.

Ryan got invited to a banquet supporting the Utah Wild Sheep Foundation. There, he was stunned by how passionate the hundred or so people in the room were about stewardship. He learned how much goes into protecting wild sheep populations, and about how the Department of Fish and Game can’t possibly handle all of it. 

Quickly, Ryan became one of those with a passion for conservation. He saw a small fraction of the hunters and outdoors-people he knew getting involved and he wanted to be one of them.

“Humans have pushed nature off course. That makes it our responsibility to promote, protect, and enhance animals and their habitat — for our benefit and theirs.”
– Ryan Foutz, VP consumer relations
Whether it’s capture and transplant mule deer for the migration initiative, building water guzzlers or GPS collars for deer fawn/adult deer survival and condition study, these are just a few of the many projects supported by our conservation partners, Fish & Game Agencies and Kings.

How Kings Gets Involved

Giving back is right thing to do — so we do it. That means donations of money and product and investments of time and energy. We’re a hunting apparel company and supporting the community is an essential part of that.

We share these stories about the conservation projects we take part in and the organizations we support so you can see what’s possible. If you want to join us in this work, we’re here to make you feel welcome.