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Hunting Accessories

Kings accessories combine quality materials and technical designs to deliver functional and affordable gear for a variety of hunting scenarios.

Shop Kings selection of backpacks, gloves, hats, gaiters, and more to find exactly what you'll need during every phase of the hunting season.

Hunting Accessories in Proprietary Camo Patterns

Matching your camo pattern to where, when, and how you hunt makes the difference between blending in and standing out. Whether you’re in a hide, hiking in, or setting up camp, you want to choose camo that makes you look part of your environment.

man with snow camo accessories hiking through snowy forest
man wearing hunting accessories carrying bow and turkey
Its Customers First at Kings

At Kings, we’re proud to help make your hunts exceptional with our dedicated customer service team, speedy shipping, and value-packed products at reasonable prices. We make Kings camo accessories and clothing for men, women, and children, and you can find our gear in all kinds of sporting goods stores.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Accessories

What hunting accessories are must haves?

Alongside your weapon, ammunition, and camo clothing, you’ll likely want camping gear, a binocular harness for scouting, a face mask or paint, a knife, and a game bag or something else to ease transport of your harvest.

Should I wear deodorant when I go hunting?

Animals — like deer — have noses more sensitive than humans’. That means they can smell you, whether we’re talking about body odor or perfumed deodorant. For that reason, we recommend using an odor-free deodorant and wearing engineered apparel with antibacterial properties, such as one treated with Polygiene Odor Control Technology.

What colors and patterns should I wear when hunting?

Earth tones and other neutral colors are best for concealment. When you’re choosing clothing and hunting accessories in a camo pattern, you’ll want to consider what time of year it will be, what part of the country you’ll be in, and what the environment will be like so you can select something that matches as perfectly as possible.