Glassing Techniques and Tips for Spotting Mule Deer

Glassing Techniques and Tips for Spotting Mule Deer

Glassing Techniques and Tips for Spotting Mule Deer

In this video we teach the proper glassing techniques that will help you find that monster buck. How to make the most out of your time glassing. Getting the most out of your binoculars.

Watch the video for these great hunting tips. Here is a short breakdown for the top 10 glassing tips for finding big bucks from Steve Alderman:

Top 10 Glassing Tips

  1. Buy the best binoculars you can afford. You hear this all the time, but it gives you a huge advantage having quality optics. The depth of field and clarity of quality optics could be the difference between seeing anything or not.
  2. July and August are the best times to glass as the deer are still in the velvet and are usually out in the open.
  3. Start each glassing period cleaning your glass, removing dust and streaks so you don’t get any glare from the sun.
  4. Start with your binoculars and then move to your spotting scope
  5. Begin glassing short range with binoculars so you don’t overlook anything obvious that might be close by.
  6. Move back through the hillside and grid spot panning slowly through each section moving around the hillside in a grid pattern
  7. Take your time around rocks, shade spots and under trees where the deer find protection from the sun
  8. Getting up high on a hillside to be able to look down into their beds is important and much more effective than glassing up hill where there are more things obscuring your view. Elevation is key.
  9. Keep glassing through mid day as the sun is peaking it will hit the deer and they will eventually move out of their beds and reposition back into the shade. This is a great time to catch them moving.
  10. Take your time and even if you end up not finding the buck of your dreams, you may still spot a shed or dead head that might make your time worth while.

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