Is This The Biggest Buck You Have Ever Seen?

Is This The Biggest Buck You Have Ever Seen?
Buck Norris: Bend Oregon Monster Velvet Mule Deer Buck Video

There have been a lot of names given about this buck:

Nosler Buck
Bend Oregon Buck
Sleepy Bend Buck
Buck Norris
Holy Cow Let Me Clean My Shorts Buck

Just to name a few...

This monster velvet mule deer has been hanging within the city of Bend, Oregon near the Nosler bullet manufacturing plant. There has been quite a stir over people wanting to get a look at this buck. Furthermore, a lot of precaution has gone into place to make sure this buck does not get poached and authorities are keeping a pretty close eye on this celebrity of a buck.

It is hard to put into perspective just how amazing this deer is. You have everything: width, mass, drop tine, huge typical frame and some extra trash. There is absolutely no weakness on the antlers of this buck. One can only begin to wonder what he would score - 270, 280, 290? If you can judge his typical frame correctly, you could get pretty close.

Enjoy the video by Harlan Cooper.

UPDATE: May 30, 2015

The famed and legendary Buck Norris is dead. He was struck by a vehicle and confirmed fatal. A very unfortunate circumstance to a mule deer that called his home pretty much in the city limits of Bend, Oregon. RIP #bucknorris.

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