King's Camo XKG Merino Wool Foundation

King's Camo XKG Merino Wool Foundation

We build our Merino products from sheep’s wool grown in the mountains of New Zealand. These sheep live in an environment with extremes of 95ºF+ in summer and -5ºF in winter. Their thin wool layer keeps them cool in the summer and their thicker coat insulates during winter. We’ve embraced the unique qualities of Merino and built our foundation to the XKG line from these properties.

As hunters, we chose Merino because of its high functionality in the field. Merino is a natural fiber that exhibits odor controlling qualities – essential to every hunter. It regulates your body temperature and wicks moisture away from your body, evaporating it instead of absorbing it into the fibers. Merino is also a much lighter and finer, itch-free thread compared to traditional wool. Our line of Merino products are built with these qualities in mind, while also utilizing a warmth-to-weight ratio that is one of the best performing in the industry.

Our Merino ¼ Zip, Bottom, and Beanie are built to be the foundation of your hunting system. As a base layer, we wanted to build products that will be worn every day of your hunt – whether it’s the intense desert heat in early season or the late-season bitter cold on the mountain. The Merino technology functions in any condition – keeping you cool in the heat with its breathability or warm in the cold with its tightly sewn fine wool fibers.

Our XKG Foundation ¼ Zip showcases all of these unique properties in one lightweight piece. It’s 100% Merino Wool no-itch flatlock seam construction is ultra-breathable, quick-drying, and only weighs 12 ounces. For hunters, the most important characteristic of Merino is odor control. This piece will outperform other fabrics after several days in the field by repelling odor causing tendencies, thus keeping you concealed. The results speak for themselves.

"From the hot days of August to the cold days of winter, the XKG Merino Foundation layer is a must in your layering system. Hunters can argue layers all day long, but countless close encounters and successful hunts are all the proof I need!" - Matt Bateman, Grim Reaper Broadheads

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