DIY Idaho Archery Elk Hunt 

Last fall, Joel Burham of Whitetail Fit set out to hunt elk with an over-the-counter archery tag in Idaho. With help calling and filming from his friends Lydia and Wes, he was able to close the deal on his first elk.

In this 4-part series, Joel takes us on his public land backpack hunt filled with bugling bulls and close encounters.

Scroll down to see every video in the 4-part series - each with it's own exciting encounter. Follow Joel on his YouTube page and if you're looking to buy any Whitetail Fit gear visit Joel's website to support more hunting trips and content like this.

4-Part DIY Idaho Elk Hunt

EP. 1 | Big Public Land Bull SCREAMS In Our Face

EP. 2 | Stalking the Bull of My Dreams

EP. 3 | Face to Face with a Big Black Bear

EP. 4 | Tagged Out in Idaho

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