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Hagan Ekker

Hagan was born and raised in South Central Utah. Growing up on the Henry Mountains and Boulder Mountain he quickly became attached to hunting. His father and family hunted extensively, covering everything from big game, waterfowl, predators, and even trapping, but he always wanted more. Hagan regularly went shed hunting or scouting, skipping normal high school events. Hunting always has and will be his passion in life.

Hagan figured out early on that hunting for yourself only allows you so many hunts a year depending on what you can afford. He started spotting and scouting for many different people and soon found that this way he was able to go on as many hunts as he could and often times they were those premium or once in a lifetime hunts. Soon scouting and spotting started to fill up the year and more recently has turned to guiding. Hunting anything, anytime, and anywhere has become a full-time operation. Hagan is a versatile ambassador for King's because of his year-round practice of the sport. He tests our gear from springtime turkeys and bears to bison and Mexico mulies and everything in between. He is living his hunting dream.

“My dreams are really starting to come true. Between all the guided hunts throughout the year, I still manage to fit in hunts for myself. With the friends and contacts I’ve made doing this, it often opens up awesome opportunities. With a busy schedule and as much time I spend on the ground, the gear I use is crucial to my success. King’s Camo has always been my go-to company. Shadow Camo patterns are the best in the business - always matching any western terrain I hunt. The new XKG series allows me to not worry about my clothing holding up if I’m wearing it for weeks at a time. The best part about King’s is the people behind the camo. High quality gear and even higher quality people. You won’t be disappointed when you choose King’s.”