A guide to our lightweight hunting tops highlighting fabrics, performance, and price.


Our merinos are built for the high-activity hunter - tightly sewn wool fibers will keep you cool when it's hot and warm in the cold. They are the foundation for building your high-performance layering system.

What you get with our merino wool: 

• Natural Odor Control

• Finest fiber level of 17.5 Micron making it non-itch

• Wicks moisture away from your body

• Ability to regulate body temp - keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold

For early season: Ideal for dry and hot hunting scenarios where keeping cool is a priority and drying clothing is easy. Is a great option for high mobility hunts.


Our synthetics are a selection of high performance polyesters in athletic and generous fits. They are an integral part of any layering system where lightweight and durability is paramount.

What you get with our synthetics:

• Quick-drying fabric

• Our most durable fabric

• Crisply detailed camo print

• Polygiene Odor Control Technology (XKG Series only)

• Very lightweight

For early season: Ideal for humid and wet hunting scenarios where breathability and quick-drying is essential for comfort. Performs best for days filled with hiking.


Our cottons are a nod to the conventional hunter who prefers natural materials and traditional builds. Our cottons are a comfortable clothing alternative at a great value for our customer.

What you get with our cottons: 

• Very Affordable

• Breathable & Soft

• Natural Odor Control

• Quiet Fabric

For early season: Excels when comfort, cost, smell, and quiet fabric are all considerations. Performs best for long stand sessions in the early season.


XKG Elevation Hoodie

New 2022 product - Ultra-breathable fabric, a ¼ zip for venting, and a loose fitting hood which allows for excellent sun protection and airflow helping you remain cool while staying concealed keeping you in the game during even the hottest conditions.

Hunter Series Long Sleeve Shirt

Birds-eye micro mesh for breathability. Very quick-drying and lightweight 100% polyester. Best value for performance & price.

XKG Elevation 1/4 Zip Tee

Includes 100% polyester textured mesh for high breathability and Polygiene Odor Control Technology. 1/4 Zip vent for added airflow.

Classic Cotton Long Sleeve Tee

Blend of cotton and poly for comfort & durability. Available in S-4XL for under $20!

XKG Foundation 260 Merino 1/4 Zip

New XK7 color arriving early September 2022 - 260 weight merino for crisp mornings - good for all season.

Hunter Safari Long Sleeve Shirt

Developed for warm weather hunts where sun protection, breathability, and concealment equals success.

XKG Foundation 150 Merino 1/4 Zip

New XK7 color arriving early September 2022 - lighter weight merino for early season. 17.5 micron fibers for soft comfort.

KC1 Long Sleeve Tee

Quick-Dry fabric with a birds-eye micro holes that enhances its natural wicking properties keeping you dry and comfortable.


XKG Elevation Short Sleeve Tee

Polygiene Odor Control Technology treated. Athletic fit with mesh paneling and flatlock seams for added comfort. Only weighs 8 oz.

Hunter Series Short Sleeve Tee

100% quick-dry polyester and birds-eye micro mesh. Thrives at wicking moisture and drying quickly.

Classic Cotton Short Sleeve Tee

Blended cotton & poly short sleeve tee. Ideal for short, early season hunts.

Hunter Safari Short Sleeve Shirt

Blended cotton & poly short sleeve tee. Ideal for short, early season hunts.