XKG Series

Lightweight Technical Layering

XKG Series

The XKG Series is built around a comprehensive five level layering strategy and designed for the true athletic hunter. XKG uses the best performance fabrics and technologies, printed with industry leading camo patterns to deliver a technical, high performing hunting system.

Each layer has a specific function within the system. Consisting of base layers, mid layer/outers, insulation, soft shells, and hard shells - we will outline how each piece fits in the system.

Layer 1
Base Layers

Our base layers are intended to be work next to skin. Choose from merino wool or polyester options, these are built to be worn in all conditions and which sweat and moisture away from your body.

Pieces in Layer 1: Merino tops and bottoms; and polyester tops.

Layer 2
Mid Layers & Lightweight Outers

The staple for building your entire system starts with your pants and a versatile fleece. Primary use is outer layers, but can be used as mid layer insulation as the conditions and temperatures turn for the worse.

Pieces in Layer 2: Light to midweight pants and fleeces.

Layer 3
Insulation Layers

Available in synthetic or down options, these packable pieces provide quick warmth during long glassing sessions, sits in tree stands, or lounging around camp. Choose from a variety of fill options for your next hunt.

Pieces in Layer 3: Theromolite synthetic insulated jackets and waterproof down insulated jackets.

Layer 4
Soft Shells

This layer can be worn over base layers, fleeces or your insulation. Intended to be a quiet shell while still providing protection from light elements.

Pieces in Layer 4: Soft shell jackets, vests, pants, and bibs.

Layer 5
Hard Shells

100% waterproof rain gear - meant to be worn over the top of all other layers. Nothing should be worn over the top of the hard shells. Built to be packable with quick on/off accessibility to not slow you down when the conditions get nasty.

Pieces in Layer 5: 100% waterproof & windproof jackets and pants.


Do you have specific questions or need help building a kit for your next hunt? Drop us a line below.

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