Iowa Deer Classic Recap

Iowa Deer Classic Recap

We spent last weekend in the heart of Midwest whitetail country at the Iowa Deer Classic where we showcased our new whitetail pieces for this upcoming season. It was a great opportunity to introduce our brand and share our history of being one of the original western-based camo apparel companies. For years, we've worked to create affordable, technical camo and now after partnering with Realtree, we've built whitetail specific pieces with the same qualities in mind.

Iowa Deer Classic | King's Camo

Our Product Designer, Eric Belter, chats with attendees about the XKG Wind-Defender Anorak

The highlight of the show was the reception we received for our new XKG Wind-Defender Anorak & Bib/Pant. These two products are the staple for a whitetail hunter's system. Built with quiet, 4-way stretch, and burr-resistant poly fabric, these two pieces have the soft feel and qualities to reduce your noise and ease with your natural movements such as climbing to a tree stand or drawing a bow. They're water-resistant and windproof to keep you comfortable during nasty weather. And, the most popular feature is the high-pile fleece lining. Not only will it create loft between you and the garment to hold in heat, but this material is extremely soft and assists with easy on and off if you don't want to wear it to and from your stand. The finishing touches on these pieces have zippered side panels with pull tabs to dump heat and strategically placed pockets for your important accessories.

These two pieces will be available for purchase this summer.

Giveaway Winners

Those in attendance had the exclusive opportunity to not only see and try on the XKG Wind-Defender Anorak & Bib Pant, but enter to win a prize package that included the set.

The winners for the two prize packages are:

Zach Davis of Walcott, Iowa

Billy Pryor or Carroll, Iowa

Congrats to the winners and thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth. Our next and final show for 2020 is the ISE Show in Sandy, UT. That show is next week, March 19-22 at the Mountain America Expo Center.





  • Slim

    Cant believe you gave billy pryor a prize. The dude is a cocksucker in every sense of the word. He was caught sucking cock in a public restroom stall and he treats everyone like shit.

  • Larry Green

    Will this piece have a harness pass-through?? Please include that!

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