Partner of the Month Giveaway with BigGame Forever

Partner of the Month Giveaway with BigGame Forever

Giveaway BigGame ForeverWin a Complete King's Camo XKG Series Performance Layering System

On July 29th, BigGame Forever and King's Camo will be giving away an XKG Series camo package valued at $1,000. For a chance to win, enter at BigGame Forever Giveaways.

For your chance to win, sign the petition to save Shiras Moose. By signing, your stating your support to save this threatened resource.

"I support restoring state management authority over Shiras Moose. Aggressive and proactive recovery and protection is needed to prevent further decline."

Once signed, your entered to win a King's Camo XKG Series package that includes:

- XKG Ridge Pan $109.99
- XKG Hightop 1/4 Zip Pullover $99.99
- XKG Transition Loft Stuff Jacket $149.99
- XKG Lone Peak Soft Shell Camo Jacket $169.99
- XKG Windstorm Rain Jacket: Lightweight Hunting Rain Gear $129.99
- XKG Windstorm Rain Pants: Lightweight Hunting Rain Gear $99.99
- King’s Camo Polarized Radar Pitch Oakley Angling Sunglasses $249.99

"King’s has always been a big proponent of conservation and giving back to help support wildlife and the future of hunting. BigGame Forever is aggressively working to make a difference and a movement we can get behind and support.” - Kevin Pritchett, Owner King's Camo


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