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    Made with innovative, high-tech fabrics and simple, comfortable cotton, Kings’ hunting gear and apparel is designed to suit you and your hunting style.

    Experience Hunting Gear Designed for You

    Kings knows that clothing and gear isn’t one-size-fits-all, in fit or function. That’s why our hunting clothing seamlessly blends comfort, performance, and smart features specially designed to suit you and your hunting grounds. Whether you’re spending weeks in the forest or a weekend in the plains, we have everything from rain gear to jackets and vests, all at industry-leading prices.

    Quality in Both Product and Service

    As a small business, the people at Kings value our commitment to our fellow hunters and our wholesale partners. All of our gear is rigorously tested to guarantee quality. Have an issue with a Kings product? Let us know and our dedicated customer service team is ready to offer support and solutions.

    Camo for Hunting Deer, Turkeys, and More — Designed by Hunters For Hunters

    From our XK7 line with camo optimized for North American mountains and deserts to our Realtree EDGE for hardwood forests, our proprietary camouflage patterns have been crafted for maximum effectiveness in the wilderness you traverse.

    Hunting Clothing Equipped With Smart Features

    Our XKG hunting gear collection features packable, lightweight, high-quality pieces to help you build your ideal layering system. Choose from jackets designed for water- and wind-resistance, breathable hoodies that keep the sun off your neck and face, ultralight base layer shirts, and more. Plus, every product in the XKG line has antibacterial properties that help keep your prey from catching your scent — even days into the hunt.