Kings Camo Patterns


Kings Camo Patterns

As hunters, we understand that camo patterns for hunting can’t be one-print-suits-all. Each terrain requires different colors and shapes and effective camo mimics that. Get the type of camo pattern that’s right for where, when, and how you hunt.


Inspired by the natural colors and terrains of North American environments, we designed a selection of 7 different shapes and textures that are abstract depictions of realistic elements keeping you hidden, no matter the distance.

XK7 excels in western terrains from the low arid desert elevations to high alpine basins. XK7 is also an effective pattern at distrupting the human shape from the forest floor deer perspective looking up at a tree stand.

KC Ultra

Built with the perfect blend of colors and shapes. Using our philosophy of imitating natural occurring elements found in the field, this pattern is in one of our most disruptive patterns ever created.

From tree stand to mountains to desert, your appearance will go unnoticed and undetected. Whether you are hunting early season or mid-winter, the versatility of KC Ultra will keep you hidden from even the sharpest eyes in the wild.

Exclusively available in Hunter Series, Classic Series, Youth Series, and select Accessories.

Desert Shadow

Features total transition from light to dark along with realistic detail in color and shadows to provide ultimate depth and clarity to blend in with the open and arid surroundings.

Our best-selling realistic camo pattern uses its overall light tone and natural color pallet to blend extremely well with any vegetation.

Realtree EDGE

Effectively Dominating Geographical Environments, Reatree EDGE features an array of crisscrossing branches, limbs, leaves, and tree trunks, disrupting the human form at any distance.

Realtree EDGE blends in best with hardwoods terrain - ideal for the regions where hunters live for hunting whitetails.

KC Ultra Snow

KC Ultra Snow is built with the drab greys and white to keep you concealed when the season changes to winter. Using our highly effective KC Ultra pattern, we incorporated the colors of late season elements to keep your outline disrupted and help you blend in to your surroundings keeping you undetected from wary game.

Mountain Shadow

King's Camo Mountain Shadow is the most realistic and effective camo for mid to high elevations. It's high-definition features and detailed depth of feel provides concealment in an early-season whitetail stand or while stalking mule deer or elk in the high country.

Blaze Orange

Increase your safety in the field with King's Camo blaze orange hunting clothing. Available in vests, hoodies, shirts, and hats. Shop King's Camo blaze orange.

Frequently Asked Questions About Camo Patterns

The answer depends on where, when, and how you hunt. The most effective camo pattern for you will match the part of the country, the terrain, and the season you’ll be hunting in. Kings offeres abstract or highly realistic camo patterns to fit your style.

In general, deer, elk and other big game animals eyesight is worse than humans. They can see movement easier than they can detect color detail. Wearing camo that helps disrupt your outline and blends you into the surrounding environment with matching colors will make your movement more difficult for prey to notice.


XKG Series was born from the idea to build lightweight, high-performing and athletically fit hunting gear at an affordable price. A comprehensive layering system built in five stages, it's engineered to help you perform at your best during every stage of the hunting season. Our XK7 camo pattern is exclusive to XKG Series.


Hunter Series represents the hunter whose preferences are high-performing synthetic fabrics and a generous fit. The Hunter Series incorporates our layering system methods and has something for everyone. Big and tall hunters will find what they need in the Hunter Series.


Classic Series is a nod to the more traditional hunter who prefers natural cotton-based materials over the new performance fabrics. While still featuring the best camo patterns available, the Classic Series combines traditional clothing pieces with natural fabric blends to provide a comfortable hunting clothing alternative at an amazing value.